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Axeia : Arella Residences For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Jasmine Duplex Bare ₱ 1,471,000 Floor Area : 44.5 sqm / Lot Area : 58.5 sqm
Jasmine Duplex Complete ₱ 1,721,000 Floor Area : 44.5 sqm / Lot Area : 58.5 sqm
Jasmine Single Attached Bare ₱ 1,698,000 Floor Area : 44.5 sqm / Lot Area : 58.5 sqm
Jasmine Single Attached Complete ₱ 1,948,000 Floor Area : 44.5 sqm / Lot Area : 58.5 sqm

When you are looking for a place to where you will build your home, considering the future is very important. Remember, you are not only making your home for your benefits but rather for the entire family too. Therefore, Arella residence provides a reason why you should invest and buy a home there. There are several other virgin lands within the community where you can buy and make your lot as you desire. Once you invest in this place, you will not only enjoy our first-time discounts but also have a direct connection with Axeia developers.

Think about all the surrounding places. Luguna is first developing, years to come it will be tough for you to own a place in this city. When you have your own home within the city, you will be at a better place to strike a deal with other investors who will be trying to find their way in. In other words, some years to come, you will be able to sell your peace at a very significant price and make huge profits. Real estate never depreciates.

There is a huge difference between Arella and other communities. Here many benefits work together to ensure you are comfortable. Think of the water systems, schools, hospitals, playgrounds, recreation features and all other significant landmarks and learning institutions that surround the community. 

You can buy one lot in this community and work within Manila and still manage to get home every day on time for dinner with the family.  Reach us to day and our friendly team will take you through the basics of buying a place without many hustles. We care about the way you lead your life, and we will ensure you will enjoy the investment you make in the purchase of a home.

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