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Arella Residences is located at Brgy. Calo Bay, Laguna.

The Arella residence is situated along Manila South Road also known as the Pan-Philippine Highway, Brgy. Calo, Bay, Laguna. It’s easy to access the community from Manila via SLEX and exit directly to the main road through Calamba. Arella is only a few hours’ drive from Manila thanks to the already developed and well-paved roads. This community extends the community experience even with the neighboring environment to ensure that you feel the community system warmth.

The need for quality education is the key to every child’s success. Your kids are not an exception. Therefore, Arella Residences are located at a place where you can get your kids the best education from the leading schools within the city. The community neighbors Calo Elementary school enables you to create a better foundation for your child. Once your child has gotten it right and is ready to join higher learning, there is the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) or the University of the Philippines Los Baños. There are also other Universities and institutions neighboring the community to ensure we have certified and educated community with all professions around us.

The community also neighbors the Bay Public Market and South Supermarket to ensure you have your basic household needs at all times and within a short period. When you forget to buy food stuff on your way from, you will easily access them within the community. This makes it easy for you even to send your kids to the shop as you prepare what you have in the house.

When the weekend knocks, it means you will be free and need something to keep you engaged and entertained throughout. Driving long distances to have fun is a thing of the past. Just within Arella, several entertainment joints to explore. Additionally, you don’t have to miss the morning mass due to distance. There is St. Augustine Parish Church just a few kilometers away to ensure you have the right biblical information to take you through the next week and encourage your spirit. Arella residence borders almost every spot that will build you all round. Within the community, your children will enjoy interacting with others at the playgrounds.

When the weather is slightly unfriendly like when it’s hot, you will enjoy relaxing at the swimming pool or in the clubhouse doing some workouts to keep you healthy and fit. You will also enjoy quality security as you take your morning jog on the jogging path. This is the place to be.

Arella Residences bordered several other locations like the Isdaan Floating Resto Fun Park, the UP Open University Headquarters, Liceo de Bay, Puregold Price Club, KamayanSa Palaisdaan Lucidel Fishing Resort, Mhins Garden and many more prestigious institutions and landmarked near the Luguna de Bay. The best thing is that all these places are just a few kilometers away. Therefore you will not have a problem commuting even when you are using public means.

Nearby places:

  • 450m away from Bay to Manila Bus Terminal
  • 1.1 km away from Bay Public Market
  • 1.2 km away from St. Agustin Church
  • 1.8 km away from Laguna Science National HighSchool
  • 3.1 km away from Don Bosco Calauan
  • 6.7 km away from University of the Philippines Los Baños
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